Tony Hadland is a historian based in Oxfordshire specialising in cycle history and local recusancy

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The Hub of the Universe – the new history of Sturmey-Archer

How to repair old Sturmey-Archer hubs

Esoteric info for Sturmey freaks

Sturmey-Archer Tricoasters and my 1914-15 FN Tricoaster in particular – by Peter Fuller

Some observations regarding the dating of Hercules 3-speed hub gears – by Dave White

Observations on Hercules & Brampton 3-speed gear controls – by Dave White

A possible repair strategy for early Sturmey-Archer ‘A’ and ‘N/FN’ hubs – by Dave White

Converting the Sturmey-Archer FW 4-speed hub into a 5-speed

Sturmey’s right-hand ball rings: are you losing the thread?

Elegy for Sturmey-Archer – by Vernon Forbes

Hub gear ratio spreadsheet

New hub and bracket gear tables

Small wheelers

Small Wheels for Adult Bicycles

Rolling resistance – theory and practice

Family Tree of Moulton Bicycle Frames

Tyres made specifically for Moultons (as at 2012)

Mistral De-mystified – the AM 17-inch rim

The rarely seen Moulton Stowaway joint that looks like a hinge

Did Chairman Mao ride a Moulton?

Moulton Mopeds

Raleigh Twenty (R20)

Economically upcycling a 1978 BSA (Raleigh) 20 folder

A close look at a 1974 Raleigh 20 FE

A Motorised Raleigh 20

A New Class of Cyclists: Banham’s Bicycle and the Two-wheeled World it didn’t Create

Royal Enfield Revelation

SM Dawes Kingpin MkIV

In Search of Le Petit Bi

More pics of Le Petit Bi

The Duemila

The Mysterious Minifold

Viking’s small-wheeler

Ron Thompson’s G4 recumbent bike concept

They thought it was all over. But for us, it was only just beginning – a 1966 European cycle tour

Three teenagers cycle from the Thames Valley to the Black Forest in 1967

New Zealand bikes of the 1980s

Moorson Cycles

The Arnfried Schmitz derailleur collection


Thames Valley Papists – get the book!

Strongholds of Catholic Recusancy in Oxfordshire

Maps of Recusancy in Berks and South Oxon

Oxfordshire & North Berkshire Protestation Returns and Tax Assessments, 1641–42

The End of the Hydes of Hyde End

Last Will & Testament of Dame Anastasia Mannock of Windsor

Lady Anastasia Moore’s letter

Two 17th Century Catholic Books found in Oxfordshire – Nigel H. Sinnott

More about two 17th Century Catholic books – Nigel H. Sinnott

Who was Dr John More? – Richard H. Turner

Faringdon, Oxfordshire

Barclays’ search for space in Faringdon’s Market Place

Trams and light rail

Municipal Railway Album – trams, light rail & a few buses

William Gill

William Gill – Explorer and Spy


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