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75 years later, Steve takes on Tommy’s challenge


My good pal Dave Minter tells me that Steve Abraham, a friend of his, is going for the Tommy Godwin annual mileage record. What’s that?

In 1939, Tommy Godwin from Stoke-on-Trent cycled 75,065 miles (120,805 km) in one year – more than anyone anywhere before or since. That’s an average of more than 205 miles a day, every day of the year. Tommy did it on a Raleigh with initially a 3-speed Sturmey-Archer hub gear and later one of the then very new 4-speed Sturmey hubs. Tommy used another recent Raleigh/Sturmey innovation, a Dynohub, to power his lights. Forget your carbon fibre – the bike was steel and so was the man. There’s more about him here:

Dave Minter reckons Steve Abraham is the only rider in the UK capable of breaking Tommy’s 75 year old record. You can read more about Steve’s plans here:

As Steve will have to take a year off work to make this attempt, he could do with financial support. Every little helps and I’ve just sent him a little donation myself. To find out more, visit his own record attempt website: where you can donate via PayPal and find out more about his plans.


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  1. Over 200 miles per day, every day for a year. That’s one incredible challenge and I wish him all the best. I may even get out there to cheer him on for a day or two! Would be absolutely an amazing achievement to break that mark, although I hear the Guinness Book of Records isn’t going to accept a new record?

    • Yes, I heard that about the Guinness book, too. Maybe I’ll have to switch my Irish stout drinking to Beamish and Murphy’s.

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