A Motorised Raleigh 20

Here’s something you don’t see everyday. It’s a UK street-legal moped based on a Raleigh 20 and was created by consulting engineer Chris Sawyer. It has a Cyclemaster engine and front suspension. Apparently it works quite well and it demonstrates the rigidity of the folding version of the bike. Many thanks to Chris for permitting use of his photo.

The folding Raleigh 20 converted into a moped by Chris Sawyer
The folding Raleigh 20 converted into a moped by Chris Sawyer

2 thoughts on “A Motorised Raleigh 20”

  1. i wonder if you can help me,sheldon brown said you moght be able to,have you any idea of the colour code for bronze green on an 1951 raleigh superbe if you can help me i would be in your debt,yours,terry dodd

    1. Hi Terry,
      I’ve tried unsuccessfully in the past to find records of the Raleigh paint colours. There seems to be nothing in the very extensive Raleigh archives. And, although I have very good ex-Raleigh contacts, including former management going back many years, nobody has been able to come up with the answers.
      However, a friend of mine, Tom Esslemont, has done some good work matching old bike frame paint colours. For example, he recently matched the original colour of a frame by carefully taking the head badge off to reveal unfaded paint beneath. He then took the frame to a local car accessories place. They allowed him to look through their paint chip cards until he found the correct colour. They then mixed it as a two-part paint in a tin, so that his paint guy could refinish the frame.
      Assuming you have the bike in question, that might be a way forward.

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