New content on K-series Sturmey hubs

If you go to the section of this website that provides detailed information on how to repair old Sturmey-Archer hubs, you’ll find new content on the K-series 3-speeds of the 1920s and 1930s. Not all the material is explicitly about repairing the hubs but it may prove useful and interesting to some readers.

There is now an 18-page PDF file (zoomable and easily printed) that includes all the following content:

  • The late great Jim Gill’s description of the type K hub and the changes made to it during its production run (2 pages).
  • A cutaway drawing of the 1922-1933 model.
  • Jim’s simplified instructions for dismantling and re-assembling the type K.
  • Jim’s analysis of the type K’s “no intermediate gear” feature, which went AWOL in 1935.
  • Jim’s tabulated analysis of 20 type K hubs manufactured between c.1925 and 1937 (2 pages).
  • S-A’s 1925 parts list and exploded diagram of the type K .
  • S-A’s 1935 exploded diagrams and parts lists for the type K, type KS and type KSW hubs (5 pages).
  • S-A’s 1937 exploded diagrams and parts lists for the type K, type KS and type KSW hubs (5 pages).

Go to the Cycling tab above, click on Gears and scroll down the list to “How to repair old Sturmey-Archer hubs”. Or just click on this link:

Update 22 June 2016: I’ve also added material on the K-series brake hubs (KB, KC and KT) and on S-A’s 1930s drum brakes (BF, BR, BFT and BRT).

2 thoughts on “New content on K-series Sturmey hubs”

  1. Dear Mr,

    Some years ago I’ve bought an old tandem for 50 euro in neglected condition.

    It appearred to be a Liona. Constructed in Ghent by De Coster. A date is stamped in the front fork: 17/8/36.

    Both wheels have a K-hub with expanding brakes.

    The rear hub differs: On the brake side notes PERRY, no other markings are present. Altough it looks for me as a SA KT3 hub from 1936.

    Can someone give me some more information about this Perry hubs?

    Kind regards

    Met vriendelijke groeten,

    Frank Henderickx

    Schomstraat 43

    2600, Berchem, Belgie.

    Tel 0032479945887


    1. Goede middag Frank,
      Hartelijk bedankt voor uw e-mail. There’s some information about the Perry-Sturmey hubs in my 1987 book The Sturmey-Archer Story. Perry Brothers of Birmingham were specialists in hub brake manufacture. They won an award from the Cyclists’ Touring Club for their hub brakes and in 1930 combined their drum brake with a Sturmey-Archer type K hub to create the Perry-Sturmey 3-speed/brake combination. They did two versions, one being for tandems, and I guess that is what you have.
      The coming of the Perry-Sturmey was a bit of a shock for Sturmey-Archer, who decided to make their own 3-speed/brake combination. In October 1931, they patented an improved hub shell for a 3-speed/brake combo. The following month, they launched the KB hub, combining the type K 3-speed with Sturmey’s own hub brake, which had a 90mm drum.
      In October 1934, Sturmey-Archer launched the KT 3-speed/brake combination for tandems, which had a 111mm brake drum.
      I hope to put some more information on the Sturmey type K 3-speed/brake combinations on my website soon.
      Groeten uit Engeland,

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