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Stuart Dennison, Proprietor of Bikefix, London, writes:

“The bicycle reached its final form sometime in the middle of the last century.” Take that as true and you can make bikes that are economical and can be serviced by anyone, anywhere. But this same standardisation also rules out any development or improvement.

To break free from the norm requires some imagination, a critical mind and some stubbornness. It helps if you like to question accepted conventions and are not afraid of a few failures. These are characteristics that Mike Burrows has in bucket-loads. My favourite quote: “That’s a really stupid idea, I know because I tried it.”

Mike’s track record: thirty years ago he was designing aerodynamic wheels, handlebars, cranks and even brakes; mostly made entirely by himself and many of which have not yet been improved on. His Lotus Pursuit bike helped Chris Boardman win an Olympic gold medal in Barcelona in 1992. The compact road frame he designed for Giant had an influence on almost every road bike made since. He has designed folding bikes, city bikes and freight bikes. He practically invented the recumbent tricycle, has spread his ideas through his journalism, and has, of course, written books; like this one.

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