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Twenty years old today!


It’s 20 years today since this website was launched. It wasn’t on WordPress then, which didn’t even exist. In its first form, I created it using Microsoft Publisher but I soon discovered that, when viewed on a Netscape browser (which many people used back then), the layers were sometimes shuffled, resulting in some text disappearing. So, after trying many different software packages, which all had their good and bad points, I taught myself how to write HTML code from scratch. That enabled me to produce straightforward web pages that everyone could use, regardless of which browser was flavour of the month.

About six or seven years ago, I moved everything to WordPress, as it’s just so much easier to use. I hope that you find the site useful – and have a happy and prosperous 2018!

Tony Hadland




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  1. Tracy permalink

    Wow 20 years. I just found your site as I got my 1980 Christmas present a coffee and mink coloured Raleigh 20 shopper out of the shed to get to work. 38 years old it almost made it but the chain came off. I think I probably need to service the hub etc., any tips? P.S. It is all original, basket, bag attached with press studs, dynamo lights, the works. No rust.

    • Hi Tracy,
      Good to hear from you. The servicing of the hub and chain drive is standard bike maintenance stuff, with nothing specific to Raleigh 20s.
      Check that the chain is lubricated and not badly worn. Sounds like it may need a bit of tensioning, which you do by slackening the rear wheel nuts, sliding the wheel back a bit, then retightening the nuts securely, making sure the tyre isn’t rubbing on the frame and the chain is not overly tight.
      If this kind of tweaking is not your scene, any bike mechanic should be able to do that in a matter of minutes. Be aware that bike shop staff may mock your bike and try to sell you something new. Younger bike shop staff may never have had any experience with hub gears.
      However, the hub gear may not need much attention. A few drops of light oil in the hub would be a good idea and you should check that the gear is adjusted properly. That’s all quite easy stuff.
      (Instructions are here:
      Hope that helps!

      • Teacy permalink

        Don’t worry, I was mocked at a local bike store when I enquired about new tyres a couple of years ago. At work I’ve had chuck it in a skip but my boss a long distance cyclist was staring at it doe eyed. The young lad In Halfords was also made up with it when I took it in there. It is happily going to celebrate its 40th year with me Christmas 2020. Working I might add. I think chain adjustment is the place to start and hopefully will be all it needs for a bit. I’m going to treat it to having the basket powder coated as that is the only bit letting it down, the plastic has become brittle and is flaking off. Proudly made in Nottingham. No rust and not a scratch on it. All the decals are perfect too.

      • Excellent – good luck!

      • PS: Apologies for mistyping your name as Tracy!

  2. 2whls3spds permalink

    Happy Twentieth! Would a ride on a Raleigh Twenty be an appropriate way to celebrate?


  3. Happy Birthday! Twenty years old and still going strong. We look forward to at least another twenty years of your blog Tony. Have a happy, healthy and safe 2018.

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