Ron Thompson’s G4 Recumbent Bicycle

Ron Thompson, based in Maryland, USA, has created a recumbent bicycle concept which he calls the G4. The reason for this name is explained in the article he has written about his second prototype, P2. Prototypes P3, P4 and P5 have since followed, and development continues.

Ron and his wife have ridden the prototypes more than 20,000 miles. He thinks many people would enjoy them – both current riders and those not comfortable with conventional upright bikes. He is now looking for ways to make the G4 bike configuration available. A US patent based on the P3 configuration is pending. The focus of the patent is effective input of supplemental hand power, a matter which in the past has been contentious.

You can download Ron’s article in the PDF file “g4-bike” below. He would welcome your comments and questions, so his email address is at the end of the article.

2 thoughts on “Ron Thompson’s G4 Recumbent Bicycle”

  1. Michael,

    Thanks for your interest. I’ve really enjoyed our direct email exchange.

    As I said, Jeremy Garnet’s impressive work has been an inspiration to me. My first prototype followed his analysis.

    The development I’ve completed since then shows the advantages of twin chain and derailleur drive. And, that the mechanism of “Pedal Force Feedback” is not a problem to be fixed but is instead a mechanism to be controlled and exploited, for the application of substantial supplemental propulsive hand power. The resulting degree of G4 rider integration, as with standing to pedal an upright bike, being very satisfying.


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