Municipal Railway Album – trams, light rail & a few buses

My friend Bob Young is an avid collector of postcards. For that reason, he acquired a large lever-arch postcard and photo album entitled “Municipal Railway Album – Volume II” and sub-titled “Street Railway Operations, Light Rail & Subsequent”. (“Subsequent” mostly meant a handful of buses.)

Sadly, the author’s name is unknown and so are the whereabouts of Volume 1 and any other volumes in the set. Whoever it was certainly knew their subject and seems to have been writing some time about 1990. The UK locations covered include Blackpool, Bolton, Glasgow, Sheffield, Tyne & Wear, Bexley and London. Melbourne, Australia, is also included.

It seemed a shame for the wider world, especially those people interested in trams, light rail and the history of public transport generally, not to have access to this substantial piece of work. I have therefore scanned it as a PDF file. The author had an annoying habit of typing right up to the edge of the over-wide pages, so apologies for the fact that occasionally the last letter in a word may be missing. Here’s the link to 132-page PDF file, which is about 42 MB in size and which is not text searchable but easy to browse through: Municipal Railway Album

I hope that you enjoy it and, if you have any information about who the author was, I’d be pleased to hear from you.